Is Commodity Cloud the Right Fit for Your Business?

October 16, 2017 Zachary Perl

Cloud computing is the future of services, but most businesses aren’t sure how to get there or how to get started. Amazon and Microsoft seem like the easy choice, but is the “one-size-fits-all” cloud really the right fit for you? Commodity cloud has an unprecedented speed of delivery; there is no doubt about that. You swipe your credit card, and--viola--you’re done. But what’s next?

Try asking Amazon for advice, and you’ll start to see your professional service fees stack up high enough to give your accounting department a conniption. For a company that originally sold books online, you’d figure they ‘d be more than happy to help educate their customers on how to be successful. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case.

That’s why companies like Rackspace have an entire business model around managing other companies’ clouds. But how can you get the same level of service and “fanatical support” without forking over thousands of dollars each month to a middleman (who may be competing for end user business)?


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