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D A T A S H E E T 512.600.4300 | | Neverfail Migrate Simple, efficient server migration for platform, data center, or cloud moves Everyone knows that "the cloud" is all the rage these days, and for good reason. The journey of modern day technology has led us to places we could hardly have imagined even twenty years ago and the monetary and environmental benefits that the cloud represents are revolutionary. There is only one problem: How do you most efficiently and effectively move your business there? While everyone around us is talking about the cloud, no one is defining a path to get your businesses' data and applications to the cloud that does not involve downtime, hours of manual labor, and risk of data or application loss. That is until now. Introducing Neverfail Migrate Based on our award-winning Continuity Engine technology, you can now migrate Microsoft Windows servers in the most affordable, efficient, and effective manner possible. Hardware, physical to virtual, data center or cloud migra tions are now possible without downtime, without hours of manual labor, and with full testing before making the final cut over. You can use Migrate with single servers, application groups, and even complete sites with single-button control on the final switchover. Neverfail realizes that each component of the application ecosystem is critical and can easily disrupt a migration if not addressed and managed properly. There is no easy path to dealing with this complexity, but Neverfail Migrate leverages our proven technology frame work to ensure your migration is successful. With minimal impact on the target servers, we keep things running smoothly before, during, and after the final migration. KEY BENEFITS ● Identically clones your current production servers to the new environment/location while keeping all dependencies in place to ensure a successful server and environment migration. ● Replicates all of your data between the servers to ensure they share an identical persona and data set. ● Moves the workload back and forth between the systems in one click, with no downtime to end users, ensuring you fully test the new environment and can easily go back to current production set if any issues occur. ● Scalable server, application or site migration in minutes at the push of a button. ● Simple, efficient server migration for platform, data center, or cloud moves.

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