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D A T A S H E E T 512.600.4300 | | HybriStor™ Virtual Appliance Software-Defined Secondary Storage and Global Deduplication The HybriStor Virtual Appliance is a necessary upgrade to increase the ROI of any backup solution, such as Veeam or Arcserve. The virtual appliance creates a bridge to the Neverfail cloud (or your own) for optimized data protection and cost reduction at scale. It also supports global deduplication rates of up to 10-30x, resulting in vastly improved LAN/WAN performance and reduced storage requirements. The virtual appliance is available as a download and can be used as a component in a suitable enterprise-level data storage, backup, and archival architecture. Download unlimited instances of the FREE 1TB virtual appliance or the 10TB 45-day trial version now. Global Deduplication for High Performance Enterprise Systems The virtual appliance supports deduplication across multiple sites, replication to multiple sites and WAN optimization between sites. In a typical implementation, operators will see a deduplication rate of up to 30:1 (depending on the nature of the data), which makes data scale-out easier to manage and lowers the capital expenditure on expensive primary storage that is clawing at your bottom line. This also enables operators to increase geographic distances between data centers, avoid costly WAN bandwidth upgrades, and manage WAN capacity to better handle peak loading, emergency contingencies, and large-scale business growth. Enable Self-Service Testing and DevOps The virtual appliance integrates seamlessly into market-leading backup technologies like Veeam and CommVault. With purpose-built features for these technologies, you can enable self-service testing with restores and DRaaS rehearsal capabilities that takes backup to the next level. By increasing ingestion rates up to 300mb/s to meet better backup windows and adding instant recovery capabilities, you'll now have a disaster recovery solution that is perfect for test and DevOps environments. KEY BENEFITS • Reduced storage footprint Offers up to 95% reduced storage by deduplicating data up to 30:1 before storing to disk. The result is high performance, low memory demands, and massive improvements in storage efficiency. • Improved WAN performance: Reduces WAN consumption by transmitting only globally unique and compressed data over the wire alleviating the effects of latency, and relieving network congestion. • Better backup windows Meet shrinking backup windows with inline deduplication that can boost ingestion rates up to 300MB/s throughput • Secure transmission of data Advanced, military-grade AES 256-bit encryption secures transmission of data in-flight and at rest. • Increased visibility Comprehensive insight into real-time job performance with detailed reporting and analysis.

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