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D A T A S H E E T 512.600.4300 | | Neverfail Workspaces Cloud-Based Remote Access & Security Solution Neverfail Workspaces creates a security wrapper around your sensitive data and applications. It keeps everything off your devices and within our secure cloud, shielding your data from unauthorized access. Users experience the same full-featured software they are familiar with while adding freedom and improved productivity of accessing their applications and data from any device, anywhere. Our Tier 4 Data Centers offer no single points of failure that can cause system downtime or service disruptions. The platform scales up to support your organization's growth; you can add new users with a click. Increased Productivity. Tighter Security. Zero Compromise. • Expand Protection Beyond Cloud-based Applications: The system protects ALL of your sensitive information, including everything that's not stored in any cloud-based applications (like Salesforce, Concur, or Office365). It also handles your accounting and billing systems, HR tools, transcription applications, email, and anything else that contains sensitive data. • Encrypted Storage: Neverfail Workspaces is enabled by the secure Neverfail Cloud, which provides a comprehensive encrypted storage platform by default. All Workspaces instances are deployed in our Tier 4 data centers using state-of-the-art storage systems with full encryption at the disk layer. • Reduce Costs and Simplify Operations: Neverfail Workspaces lets you eliminate complicated VPNs and reduces the need for expensive encryption systems, which simplifies your implementations and makes maintenance less time consuming. You can use existing servers if you like, and the system's very light footprint means your customers can save money by delaying expensive hardware upgrades. KEY BENEFITS • Remote Access & BYOD Enable workers to access the applications and data tools they need to do their jobs from home or on the road without worrying about security. • Encrypted Storage Encrypts data both at rest and in transit, reducing potential data theft from lost or stolen devices. • Enhanced Forensics and Troubleshooting Automatically logs every time someone accesses systems where sensitive data is stored and saves those logs in the Neverfail datacenter. • Improved Access Control Protects against unauthorized access by storing data in a protected location and maintaining a carefully gated application architecture. • Reduce Hacker Risk Exposes only a very narrow cross section of your client's infrastructure to the public internet, greatly reducing the risk of attacks.

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